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Private Server Features and Pricing

The advantage of a Private server over a Shared Server is that we completely control the server and only allow those accounts on the server that we maintain and control. Since we can control all of the accounts that are using the server, we can control the mail server, the programs and scripts running on the server, and be able to maintain the overall performance of the server. Although we cant guarantee that you will not be placed on a SPAM Block List, you’re chance are very slim to none. About the only way this would happen is if one of our customers intentionally was sending SPAM or got infected with a virus or spyware that generated a lot of SPAM. In either case we would be able to stop the account from continuing to do so.

All of our Private Server web hosting packages include the cost of your domain name, if we provide the registration services. If you have already registered your domain name we do not discount the price. Please let us register your domain name for you along with your web hosting package below.

We offer a wide range of shared Unix based hosting solutions for customers who rely on their web site to be active and online 24 hours a day. We have five different packages that are feature-packed with POP3 email accounts, Webmail, FrontPage 2000 extensions, PHP scripting, up to several GB’s of storage space, MySQL databases and much, much more!

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All Private Server plans feature a user-friendly web control panel allowing you to control every aspect of your account through your browser. This includes email account management, database , file manager, and more. We also offer complete website management for your website, from design to every update and changes.  We’ll take care of it for you with our Fully Managed Hosting Accounts. Click here for Shared Server pricing.

Virtual Private Server Pricing: BasicStandardAdvanced
Maximum Bandwidth15GB40GB60GB
Your Domain Name111
Mailing Lists3510
Email Boxes30*50*80*
Email AliasUnlimited*Unlimited*Unlimited*
Email ForwardersUnlimited*Unlimited*Unlimited*
Email AutorespondersUnlimited*Unlimited*Unlimited*
Webmail AccessYesYesYes
Extra Domains3510
Parked Domains3510
FTP Accounts3510
Anonymous FTPYesYesYes
Server Shared SSL*YesYesYes
Frontpage ExtensionsYesYesYes
Webalizer Site StatsYesYesYes
Pre-Installed CGI ScriptsYesYesYes
Custom Error PagesYesYesYes
SSH AccessNoYesYes
Perl 5.xYesYesYes
Shopping CartsYesYesYes
File ManagerYesYesYes

* Email boxes and Unlimited features are restricted only to the amount of disk space, the bandwidth and the shared cpu resources and memory, available on your account. Private Servers are less prone to SpamCop and other Spam Monitoring Service listings due to the shared nature of the server hosting. Only accounts that we manage and maintain are allowed on our Private Server. There we can provide a more secure service using a Private Server than a Share Server environment. Click Here to learn more about SPAM in a shared server environment. Shared/Private SSL provides you with a shared SSL certificate that is wholly owned by internet Computing Solutions and is provided for your use to ensure that your secure forms and other SSL pages are encrypted between the user and the web server. We use a 256bit encryption certificate.

Bandwidth and disk space overages for any account will be billed at the difference between the cost of your current account and the next upgraded account. For Advanced account users additional bandwidth will be billed at $10/20gb of overage and/or $10/2gb of disk space.

 All plan features are included in both the Self-Managed and Fully-Managed Accounts

 Please review our Hosting Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy