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Business Support Services

Get Professional Help for your IT related needs at a reasonable rate. We’ve been providing IT support and consulting services for businesses like yours for over 20 years and have over 35 years of IT experience. We work with all small to medium sized businesses. These customers include credit unions, community banks, mortgage & real estate offices, insurance agencies, tax and accounting, law and financial service offices, and doctor and dentist offices, etc. All businesses are important to us, from the small home office to a business with dozens of employees.  If you have a problem or need assistance with any PC, Server or Network support issue give us a call and we will gladly discuss our services with you.  We offer Fully Managed Support services and a Remote Monthly Support service for your convenience. See Below.

Some of the professional services we offer are:

Our Professional Computer Software/Hardware Support Service includes Equipment Purchasing, Installations, Setup and Management of PCs, Servers, Networks, Firewall management, and nearly any type of hardware. We also provide Remote and/or Onsite Support and Consulting Services, Spyware/Malware/Adware Cleanup, and other software or hardware installation and support services. We provide premise wiring, patch panels, endpoint connections, for networking and POE systems.

We also install security cameras, doorbells, and DVRs, business sound systems, TV’s, monitors, etc. We can help setup nearly ANY electronics equipment. We provide Remote and/or Onsite Support and Consulting Services and After-Hours Emergency Support. Additionally we provide Website hosting, Email hosting, Website Design, and much more.

Monthly Remote Support Services

For our small and home based business customers, we offer a Monthly Remote Support Service.  We can become your trustworthy IT Department. We offer a remote support service for just $120/mo. for offices with up to 4 pcs, or $220/mo. for offices with up to 8 pcs during your normal business hours. Additional PC’s can be added for $25/pc/mo.  This service includes up to 2 or 4 hours of remote support/service per month. We will help answer all your IT related questions, provide remote online support for your PC’s, do research for a project, and help solve other general IT related issues. If your office has a network File Server, we can add fully managed support for your network file server (call us for details).  With our normal billing rate of $80/hr our Monthly Remote Support Service is a huge discount for your office. Our billing rate for after normal business hours is $120/hr.

With this monthly service you can eliminate that ongoing dilemma of always wishing you had an IT guy to ask a question or for help with an issue. With our Monthly Support Service, we give you that peace of mind by providing phone, email, and remote support for things such as:

General PC/IT questions, ie: from how to do something on your computer to what do I need to do this type questions,  or  installing a printer, scanner, or fax machine on your PC, setting up new software such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, accounting software, or any other software applications. If it’s IT/Computer related you can call us and we’ll do our best to help solve your problems. Have a project that you want us to help provide some answers for? Needing some new equipment and not sure what to buy or where to buy? Building a new building and need help with IT schematics?  Call Us! We Can Help!

Some issues simply can’t be resolved over the phone or via a remote session and require an onsite visit, like setting up a new computer, a network or wifi router, physically setting up a printer/scanner, setting up a server,  etc… For customers that have our Monthly Remote Support Service we provide you with a 20% discount off our regular hourly rate for any onsite service calls that we make to your office with NO trip charges, if you’re within a 20 minutes drive from our office.

What this service does NOT cover is any type of Virus, Malware, Ransomware, or Adware type infections. Many of these type of issues cannot be solved remotely and most likely require onsite service. However, services to remove and restore computers after infection, are billed at our discounted rate if you maintain our Monthly Remote Support service.   As always we’ll be upfront with about any issue that can’t be solved remotely and requires an onsite service call.


Desktop/Server Patch Management:  – We manage Windows patches and standard software patches and updates for your PC or Servers. This service requires your PC to be left on and running over night at least once per week. Servers are typically left on at all times.  Cost: $5/mo per PC/VM.  $20/mo per Windows Server/VM.  Contact Us for details.

Network devices: – Do you have printers, copier, scanners, NAS devices, Wifi Access points, switches, routers, etc? We can include these devices in our monthly remote support services too. Cost: $25/mo per for up to 5 network attached devices. Contact Us for details.

Firewall Management:  – We manage all aspects of your firewall, which can include support issues, configurations, VPNs, diagnosis, IDS/IPS, updates, reporting, etc.. Cost:  $150/mo for 1st device, $100/mo for 2nd+ devices.  This does not includes costs for manufacturer maintenance/software update agreements. 

Online Backup:  – We manage full/incremental backups (file and image) for your PC or servers. This service requires your PCs to be left on and running over night at least once per week. Servers are typically left on at all times.  Cost: $8/mo per PC/VM.  $16/mo per Windows Server/VM. PLUS $10/mo per 1 TB of disk space used.  Data is fully encrypted and secured online.  Contact Us for details.

Trip charges:  – For onsite work that is more than 20 minutes drive from our office, there is a trip charge of 50% off our normal hourly rate for the total time to/from your office. For example if your office is 30 minutes away your total trip charge would be $40. 30 min + 30 min = 1 hour * $80/hr – 50%.

Get started today!  Give Us a Call! We Can Help!  Get peace of mind for your small business, knowing you have a Professional IT resource available to you for as low as $120/mo. 

Immediate Remote Support

For Immediate Remote support of your computer Contact Us or give us a call.   We’ll then create a remote support session for you and provide you with a Support Session ID and website link to start your support session. Join the session and we’ll see that you’ve joined then we will connect to your computer.  If you’re prompted to allow us access to your computer or clipboard, please select to allow access. Our billing rate is $80/hr with a 1/2 minimum for remote  support. Our billing rate for after normal business hours is $120/hr.

If for some reason we do respond to your email request, Call Us! We’ll be happy to help you!

For our online customers, you can access our Online Assist Service,  we will provide you with a Session ID.

Our regular support rates apply.  Visit our Support and Installations page for details regarding our support fees.

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