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Having a professional design for your website is key to presenting your business to your customers.You usually put your business on the web for two reasons- to sell a product/service, or give information about your business. You can spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours putting together your own website or relax and hire a professional. This is where we can help you. We work with you to determine your needs and what information you want to provide for your customers. We offer our services at a very competitive rate and always guarantee your satisfaction.

Credit Union Websites: – Hometown FCU – Using a New WordPress Responsive Design, this is a credit union web site. – Crossroads Financial FCU – a credit union web site. – Riverside Community FCU – a credit union web site. – Encompass CU – a credit union web site. – Members Choice FCU – a credit union web site. – GESB Sheet Metal Workers FCU – a basic credit union web site.

Small Business Websites: – Katherine A. Starks – Using a New WordPress Responsive Design, this is an Attorney Website located here in Greenwood. – Kensington Grove HOA – Using a New WordPress Responsive Design, this is a Home Owners Association website, located in the Center Grove area..



A typical web site similar to one of the credit union web sites above is estimated as a 30 to 40 hour job. Our normal billing rate is $66 per hour. (Discounts apply for our customers who maintain a managed web site with us). All of our work is custom. We design a website based on your idea, what you want, colors, schemes, etc. We do not force you into a pre-designed template. This is the reason we quote our hourly design cost. Most of the websites listed above took between 30 to 40 hours to do the initial design work.

For our small business customers we do have a couple of Basic Design Packages that limit the design work to a certain number of pages. These are still custom designed packages to help you create a professional looking website using quality graphics, Java scripting, feedback forms, etc as needed. For more information, see our Basic Design Packages page.

NOTE: For our Credit Union customers, learn more about what we can do for you. Take a look at our Credit Union InformationView our Services & Pricing or Sign Up for your Web Hosting Account Today.