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Synology NAS Server

Synology DS723+

A Small Business Server for all your needs.

We at ICOSO install and support the Synology line of NAS devices. Not just because they look great but because they are Versatile, Powerful, High Performance, Secure and can provide just about every need a small business has when it comes to their computing and security needs. 
The Synology DS723+ is a 2-bay compact and flexible NAS solution that can be adjusted and expanded as your needs change, with optional support for up to seven drives, more memory, faster networking, and NVMe SSDs for caching or additional storage pools. Powered by Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), it offers a flexible all-in-one solution for data sharing, synchronization, backup, and surveillance.
As a Small Business File Server the Synology Directory Server provides Active Directory (AD) domain service powered by Samba. It supports commonly used Active Directory features such as user accounts, group memberships, domain-joining Windows, Linux and Synology DSM, Kerberos-based authentication, and group policies. This makes it easier to manage computers and devices running Synology DSM, Linux, Windows, and deploy Windows applications.



These are just a few of the features that makes the Synology NAS Devices ideal for all IT environments.

Versatile data storage for any purpose

DS723+ comes out of the box with intuitive and comprehensive file management, media organization, and backup options, making it ideal for IT enthusiasts, creative professionals, and business owners looking for a very compact, but powerful storage system.  Download the Full Spec sheet or the Full Users Guide.

File sharing and syncing

With comprehensive support for network file sharing protocols — like CIFS, AFP, NFS, FTP, and more — DiskStation allows the entire office to centralize files and collaborate on projects. Or synchronize files across multiple devices or several locations so remote teams can work together.

Bulletproof & Multi-layered backup

Maintain control of your data and ensure your files are safe with Synology. We provide secure, reliable, and affordable solutions that make it easy to backup files for all your devices and protect yourself from accidental data loss. Compatible with all major OS, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Back up files, folders, physical devices, VMs, and SaaS applications with free solutions, and protect your NAS with built-in technologies. Consolidate and automate backup tasks for PCs, file servers, VMs, SaaS applications, and more with Active Backup Suite. Administer device backups remotely through a centralized portal and quickly restore specific files or entire devices to keep your business up and running. Take advantage of built-in remote backup solutions designed to protect your data with seamless 3-2-1 backup configurations.

Private cloud storage

Access files from all your devices and protect them with smart versioning. Manage, share, and sync your data across locations. A private cloud for all your devices. Effortlessly deploy your own personal cloud with Synology’s private cloud solution. Simplify file access and consolidate your data management to benefit from easier file sharing and collaboration.

There is so much more that this powerful functional device can do in such a small package. It even has room for 10Gb Ethernet and dual NVMe drives.  Learn more about this DS723+ device at Synology.

Price:  The configuration that we recommend most is a DS723+ with a total of 18GB DDR4-2666 PC4-21300 memory, and 2 8TB drives for just $1190.  

We recommend and use the top of the line Seagate IronWolf NAS drives – 3.5 Inch SATA 6Gb/s 7200 RPM w/ 256MB Cache.   We strongly recommend using the drives in a Mirrored or RAID-1 setup for built-in redundancy of the 8TB drive.  You can also optionally choose 12TB or 16TB drives if you need more storage and can optionally install up to 32GB of DDR-4 memory .   High Speed SSD Drives can be used as well for environments that need much faster drive access speeds. These devices also support M.s NVMe SSD’s.  You get all of this and all of the built-in utilities and packages that are included on the Synology Download Center, which includes programs like,  Synology Active Backup, Directory Server, Database Server, File Server, Drive Server, Media Server, Surveillance Server, Chat Server, VPN Server and much more.  Learn more about these services at the Synology Download Center.

DS723-Hardware Specs