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Firewall Features

Our firewall servers offer complete firewall protection, Intrusion Detection & Prevention, Web Content Filtering, Email Filtering, Routing, DOS, DHCP, VPN’s, Dynamic DNS, Logging and Reporting for small and medium sized office (up to 100 users) networks.

Our AccessEnforcer™ firewall by Calyptix Security© is a UTM firewall designed to protect small and medium-size networks.It is a managed firewall with deep packet inspection that blocks threats to your network before they can cause harm. Prevent scans, spoofing, SYN floods, DDoS attacks, fragmentation attacks, and more automatically.

The AccessEnforcer™ firewall is a complete firewall system that should be used as the point of contact between your network and the rest of the world, better known as the internet. Below are some of the features of the AccessEnforcer™ firewall.

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Network Security and Firewall

  • Intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS)
  • Denial of service (DOS and DDOS) protection
  • ICMP packet blocking
  • Outbound traffic filtering by protocol, source and destination IP address/CIDR range, and port number
  • and more…

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

  • Static CIDR whitelist and blacklist with import and export
  • Dynamic blacklisting to block traffic from hostile source IP addresses
  • Detect and block malicious network traffic
  • IDS/IPS engine powered by SNORT®
  • Thousands of rules to detect and prevent network threats such as malware, ransomware, backdoors, exploits, botnet activity, adware,
  • and much more…

Quality of Service

  • Traffic prioritization on a scale of 0-7 to ensure the most important traffic is proccessed first
  • Improve network performance with simple bandwidth management
  • Bandwidth queues with optional minimum and maximum bandwidth limits
  • Define minimum limits to ensure service quality (such as to ensure VoIP call quality)
  • and more….

Network Setup

  • Accelerate deployment with a GUI-based console and point-and-click administration
  • Quality of service (QoS) for bandwidth management
  • Multi-WAN with load balancing and failover
  • Dimilitarized zones (DMZs) with a single click
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory (AD)
  • Port forwarding rules with configurable source IP address/CIDR ranges
  • MAC address cloning
  • and much more…

Web Security

  • Block access to malicious and distracting web content and services
  • Define policies to allow or deny specified web traffic
  • Block web traffic by topic, keyword, extension, and file-type
  • Target policies by IP address/CIDR range and time of day
  • Microsoft AD integration to web filtering policies by AD usernames and groups
  • Exempt hosts from web filter policies by IP address/CIDR range and domain
  • HTTPS web filter with one-click activation
  • and more…

Other Features

  • Network Management
  • Remote Management
  • Email Security
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to allow multiple sites to act as single large network.
  • Automated Administration
  • Network Reports
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Download the Calyptix AccessEnforcer™ firewall Features doc.