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WiFi Door Locks

Electronic Door Locks for your home or office is the latest trend for security minded people. Have you ever left your home or office and forgotten to lock the door or “thought” you locked it?  An electronic, WiFi based door lock will give you peace of mind and allow you to check on it and even lock it or unlock it remotely.  Let us help you install your lock, setup your wifi gateway and show you how to use your new Electronic Door Lock. Call Us! We Can Help!  

With an Electronic Wifi Door Lock you can:

  • Unlock/Lock your door with your smartphone  – No need to fumble around looking for your keys when you’re trying to get in your door, just use your smartphone and unlock it at your convenience and security. Expecting a delivery at your home office or business?  Unlock the door for your delivery person and lock it up when they leave your package securely inside. You can lock/unlock your door by using your App, a PIN code, a key, or manually from the inside.
  • Automatic Lock your door:  If someone tries to enter the wrong passcode more than five times, the wifi smart door lock will automatically lock.  You can also program most locks to automatically lock after 5 to 900 seconds.
  • Use your Amazon Alexa* or Google Home* to control your door lock/unlock features.  (*requires you to purchase and own one of those devices.)
  • Use your app to track a history of your lock/unlock history

If you’re looking for a more secure access solution where you are in complete control of your front door locks or high-traffic commercial entryway, get an Electronic Door Lock and let ICoSo help you get it installed.


We recommend** the Smonet brand of Door locks like the one shown above. These are readily available on Amazon.   This product INCLUDES the wifi gateway device and is a great deal.  If you already have the WiFi Gateway, you can buy just the SMonet lock itself. They also have a SMonet BioMetric (fingerprint) based Door Lock which is great for businesses.  This lock has the same features as the other locks, but also includes a fingerprint device.

Other brands that we recommend are from Schlage but can be very expensive and do not include the wifi gateways, but they do have some additional options.

If you have any questions… Call Us! We Can Help!   Let us help you install your lock, setup your wifi gateway and show you how to use your new Electronic Door Lock. See our computers purchasing & installation page for more information about our services.

** ICoSo is NOT responsible for the warranty or function of any of the products recommended on this website.  All recommendations are based on products that we or our customers have previously used.