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Faxing Services

Do you need to send or receive a fax to anyone or a business in the USA? Call us to send or receive your faxes for you.  Just come to our office or email the documents to us.  Be sure to call us FIRST to make sure that we are here to send your fax for you.   

All you have to do is bring your documents to our office, drop them off and we will scan them in and fax them for you.  There is a maximum of 100 pages per fax sent. 

You don’t even have to come in to our office if you don’t want to.  All you have to do is send your documents to us at <faxes @ icoso.com>  that you want sent out, in your email message, include the following:

Recipient Information:
Full Name:
Fax Number:
Any Comments or Notes to send:

Sender Information:
Full Name:
Address Info (optional):

Since you will be emailing your documents to us, we STRONGLY recommend that you zip up and password protect all documents that you want sent out.  If you do this you must call us to provide the password for your protected zip file. 

You must include ALL of your page into a single document. This includes pictures, diagrams, text, etc.   If we have to combine the documents into a single document for you there will be an additional charge of $5/for each 5 minutes it takes up to combine your documents into a single document.  There is a Maximum of 100 pages per fax sent and the total document size cannot exceed 25mb.  To decrease your final document size it is best to scan documents, pictures, & diagrams in, using a grayscale setting at 300 or less dpi. 

Our cost is: $2 for the 1st page plus $0.50 per additional page. 
For example, if you have 5 pages that you want faxed the cost would be $2 (1st page) + .50 x 4 (the 4 additional pages) = $4 total. 
if you had 13 pages the cost would be: $2 (1st page) + .50 x 12 (the 12 additional pages) = $8 total.

To pay for your fax all you have to do is go to our support page and scroll down to the Payments section to make a payment.  Enter your Full Name, your invoice amount, and the Invoice ID.  For the INVOICE ID enter:  FAX+Todays Date as MMDDYY+YourLast Name.  IE:  FAX070123SMITH
Then click to pay via PayPal (if you have a PayPal account) or Debit/Credit (if using a credit card). Once we receive your payment we will send your fax and email the confirmation receipt back to you.

Incoming Faxes for you:
Does somebody need to send you a fax?  Do you need to receive a fax?  Give Us a Call. We Can Help You!   All we need to know is who the fax is coming from and who’s email to forward it to.  Or we can print it off for you and you can pick it up at our office or we can snail mail it to you. 

The cost is the same as above.  Our cost is: $2 for the 1st page plus $0.50 per additional page. 

Call us to discuss your needs.  We Can Help you!