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Professional Computer Services for Small Business and Personal/Home

Business Computer Services – Greenwood, Franklin, & Indianapolis

We provide professional IT Support & Management services for many different businesses in the Greenwood and Indianapolis areas and all around the State of Indiana.  We work with all small to medium sized business from just one or two employees to dozens. We work with credit unions, lawyers, accounting firms, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, doctor and dentists offices, insurance agents, financial planners, salons & spas, and bars & restaurants.  We use & recommend business line products from HP, Dell,  Lenovo, Netgear, ASUS, Lexmark, Brother and Calyptix.  Our Calyptix Firewalls are Enterprise level, leading edge products to protect your business’ access to/from the internet.   We’ve been in business since 1999 and have been working with, building and repairing computers, laptops and servers since 1984.  With our decades of working with credit unions, you can be assured we are a trusted provider for all your business IT/Computing needs. If you have a home office or small business in Greenwood, Whiteland, Franklin, Center Grove, Southport or Indianapolis, Give us a Call. We Can Help!   Visit our business support page to learn about our services for your business!  Call Us for help TODAY!

Whether you have personal computing needs, own your own business or have your own home office, our services will help you make the right decision for all your business computing needs. We offer our services at a very competitive rate and always work with you to guarantee your satisfaction. We provide our services at your business and/or home office in the Central Indiana and the surrounding areas or we can help you remotely. Give us a Call. We Can Help!

Greenwood, Franklin, Whiteland, and Indianapolis area
Computer Repair & Services for Personal/Home

Call Us for all of your Personal Computer or Laptop needs in Greenwood, Franklin, Shelbyville, Indianapolis and throughout central Indiana.   We’ve been building, repairing, diagnosing, supporting and working with computers, laptops, servers and all kinds of IT equipment since 1984. We opened our Computer Services business in Greenwood in 2016 after working in the IT Support, Installations, and Managed services industry for over 25 years.  I do so much more than just work on computers.  I can help you with your whole house data wiring, video doorbells, security cameras, TV mounting, whole home mesh wifi, and much more. Give me a call.

I am the PROfessional Computer Guy and owner of Internet Computing Solutions, LLC.  From Malware and Virus infections, to broken laptop screens and burned out motherboards and power supplies, we’ve seen it all and can fix it all for you.    We repair personal computers, laptops, notebooks, and many other computing devices all at a very reasonable price. We also can make service calls to your home.   If you have a computer, laptop, printer, or any other computer related device that needs service or support, Give us a Call. We Can Help!  Our promise to you is “Your Computer/IT issues will be taken care of just like I take care of my family and friends.”

Are you wanting a security camera or video doorbell or NVR installed?  Need a TV Mounted?  We can do that too and show you how to use it.  Is your computer running slow, ready for an upgrade, need more memory? Is your WIFI weak throughout your home?   Need Help right away? Visit our personal support page!  We can even provide immediate help remotely. If you are in the Greenwood, Whiteland, Franklin, Center Grove, Southport or South Indy area,  be sure to call a PRO not a geek for your business and personal needs.

Introducing the ICOSO Gaming PCs!

If Gaming is your passion but building a fantastic gaming computer isn’t,  look no further than the ICoSo Gaming systems.  You do what you do best and let us build it for you! Call Us!  We’ll build a great custom computer for you that fits your budget.  Here are just a few examples of some great builds at different budgets. 

We’ve been building computers for our customers for over 30 years and Gaming is the next generation of of our brand.   We have 3 Great Gaming Systems to fit everyone’s budget to ensure you get the best BANG  for your Buck!

What budget best fits your gaming computer desire?  Click on one below to learn more.
#1 Beginners Budget under $1000
#2 Gamers Budget  $1000 to $1400
#3 Higher-End Budget  $1400 up to $2000

Website Hosting & Design Services

We’ve provided Website Hosting & Design services since 1999. We’ve created dozens of websites over the years,from simple 3 or 4 page websites, to financial institution websites, to full e-commerce websites. Take a look at the Website Services menu above to learn more and then  Give us a Call. We Can Help!

*** NEW ***  Faxing Services for you

We can now provide outgoing and incoming faxing services for you to ANY USA fax number. Visit our Faxing Services page to learn more and then  Give us a Call. We Can Help!

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