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internet Firewall Servers

Our firewall servers offer complete firewall protection, web content filtering, intrusion detection, proxy services, routing, DHCP, VPN's, Dynamic DNS, logging and reporting for individuals, small office and medium sized (up to 100 users) networks.


Features: Our server is based on the highly reliable and security conscious Linux operating system, IPCop, and other open source software and enhancements. IPCop Linux is a complete Linux Distribution whose sole purpose is to protect the networks it is installed on. By implementing existing technology, outstanding new technology and secure programming practices IPCop is the Linux Distribution for those wanting to keep their computers and networks safe. The motto of IPCop Linux server is "The bad packets stop here".

We have taken the IPCop operating system and combined it with several other Linux services to create a highly reliable, security intensive, content-filtering and intrusion-detection server. Our internet Firewall and Content Filtering Servers come preconfigured for your network with the IPCop firewall operating system, an advanced proxy server, content filtering, intrusion detection, advanced reporting services, and advanced service and port blocking modules. The server also includes support for DHCP services, Dynamic DNS, Host Files, NTP Time services, Traffic shaping, NAT, Port Forwarding, DMZ, VPN's, Web SSL and SSH access. All of which makes this server a complete firewall system that should be used as the point of contact between your network and the rest of the world, better known as the internet. Below are some of the features of the internet Firewall Servers.

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Content Filtering:

  • 66 different Categories with over 2,200,000 website entries. Each category can be turned on or off. This list is updated daily and hundreds of new websites added to this list every day.
  • You can add your own Custom Block lists by domain name and URL's
  • You can add your own Custom White list by domain and URL's
  • You can add your own Custom Blocked Expressions list
  • You can create your own Categories and add domains and URL's as many you like.
  • File Extension blocking: Executables, Audio/Video, and Compressed archive types, ie: .exe, .com, .mpg, .avi, .zip, .tar, etc.
  • Unfiltered and Banned IP addresses
  • Extensive time constraints for denying or allowing access
  • Provides Customized end-User notification of blocked page, with Category, URL, Users IP or Redirect to another URL.
  • Uses "SafeSearch" features built-in to many search engine websites, ie: google, yahoo, msn, etc.
  • Block ads, banners and pop-up windows with a blank window
  • Block sites by IP address
  • Block ALL URL's excepts those predefined.
  • Enable/Disable Banned Clients access to Whitelist
  • Logging of Blocked Site requests with or with usernames
  • User controls for time constraints and quota's

Multiple types of authentication and access control levels:

  • Local user authentication including group based user management
  • identd (RFC 1413) authentication
  • LDAP authentication including Active Directory, eDirectory and OpenLDAP
  • Windows authentication including Windows NT/2003 domains and Samba
  • RADIUS authentication
  • Web access control by IP and MAC addresses - allowed, unrestricted and banned
  • Time based access restrictions
  • Classroom/group restrictions.

Usage limits and controls:

  • Bandwidth Transfer limits
  • Download Throttling for binanry files, cd images, and multimedia type
  • Mime Type filters
  • Web Browser and client software blocking.


  • Summary
  • Request method (GET, HEAD, ...)
  • Incoming requests (TCP and UDP)
  • Outgoing requests
  • Requested first- and second-level domains
  • Protocol report (http, gopher, ftp, ...)
  • Requested content-types and file extensions
  • Size based distribution of objects
  • Performance in defined timeranges

All reports can be exported or viewed within the integrated log viewer.

Other Features:

  • DHCP Server for your internal secured private network
  • NTP - Network Time Protocol Client and Server for supplying a common clock for internal secured private network.
  • Intrusion Detection for ALL networks
  • Vitural Private Network (VPN) to allow multiple sites to act as single large network.
  • Proxy Support for both Web Surfing and DNS support allow for “faster” connection response on and simplified network setup.

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